learn practical evidence-based lifestyle strategies to maximise your body's healing potential

For over 35 years, our compassionate and expert therapeutic team have helped cancer patients in Australia find a better quality of life following diagnosis; providing you with the tools and information to help you make confident choices and take control of your own healing journey. Consistent with the research underpinning lifestyle factors associated with cancer and chronic illness, our programs emphasise the importance of reducing stress and regaining physical, emotional and mental balance to promote healing, boost immunity, reduce stress and create clarity of mind at a time when it’s needed most.

Hear from integrative medicine experts and participants about our transformational Outsmart Cancer Programs

Join our next group of participants starting on the 23rd October 2020, and receive two months access to over 10 hours of evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine content, therapeutic guidance and practical recommendations for anti-cancer nutrition, stress management, harnessing the power of your mind, managing emotions and finding greater purpose and meaning in your life.

  • 01

    Welcome to your Outsmart Cancer journey (18min)

  • 02

    Mindbody Medicine with Dr Craig Hassed (1hr, 50min)

    • Mindbody Medicine On-Screen Reference Materials (right click to open in a new tab)

    • 1. Lifestyle is a Powerful Medicine

    • 2. The Mind-Body Relationship

    • 3. Mindfulness

    • 4. Physical Activity

    • 5. Nutrition

    • 6. Connectedness, Environment & Spirituality

    • 7. Dean Ornish Lifestyle Research

    • Mindbody Medicine Evaluation

  • 03

    Meditation & Mindfulness (90min)

    • Let's start by taking a few mindful minutes together...

    • 1. What is mindfulness?

    • 2. Why is mindfulness meditation important?

    • 3. Mechanics behind mindfulness

    • 4. Myths about mindfulness

    • 5. Stress response

    • 6. Healing model

    • 7. Red and Green Zones , Protective mode: Thinking vs Awareness

    • 8. Meditation Posture and setting up your meditation place

    • 9. Interceptive Awareness (awareness of body sensations)

    • 10. Interceptive Awareness - The Practice

    • 11. Interceptive Awareness - The Practice continued...

    • Additional Resources

    • Meditation & Mindfulness Evaluation

  • 04

    Food As Medicine - Unit 1 (25min)

    • Let's start by taking a few mindful minutes together...

    • 1. The Wellness Diet - overview

    • 2. Fats

    • 3. Proteins, Alcohol, Fibre, Nuts, Drinks & Sprouts

    • 4. Binges, Condiments, Allergies & Intolerances, Preparation & Attitude

  • 05

    Food As Medicine - Unit 2 (55min)

    • 5. Healing Diet Overview, Gut Microbiome, Making the Change

    • 6. Anti-Cancer Foods

    • 7. Metabolic Change, Cellular Oxygen, Potassium/Sodium, Alkalinity, Inflammation, Vit D, Exercise

    • 8. Protein, Sugar, Antioxidants, Pollutants, Vitality of Food, Supplementation

    • 9. The Healing Diet in Practice

    • 10. Veggie Gardens, Juicing, Supplements

    • Additional Resources

    • Food As Medicine Evaluation

  • 06

    Emotional Healing (1hr, 45min)

    • Let's start by taking a few mindful minutes together...

    • 1. Healing Emotions Overview

    • 2. Emotional Awareness, Myths and Repressive Coping Styles

    • 3. Three Simple Steps

    • 4. Thinking vs Feeling

    • 5. The Practice

    • 6. The Power of Gratitude

    • 7. The Power of Forgiveness

    • Full 30-min MBSM Practice/s for you to download (audio & video formats)

    • Emotional Healing Evaluation

  • 07

    Power of the Mind (66min)

    • Let's start by taking a few mindful minutes together...

    • 1. The Power of Belief

    • 2. Accept the Diagnosis but not the Prognosis

    • 3. Healing Growth Creativity Formula

    • 4. The Difference between Healing and Curing

    • 5. Reinforcements for your Healing Journey

    • 6. Steph’s Cancer Healing Journey

    • Additional Resources

    • Power of Mind Evaluation

  • 08

    Spirituality & Healing (50 min)

    • Let's start by taking a few mindful minutes together...

    • 1. Spirituality De-mystified

    • 2. Infusing Spirituality into Your Life

    • 3. Using Guided Imagery for Healing

    • 4. Guided Imagery Practice

    • Additional Resources

    • Spirituality & Healing Evaluation

  • 09

    Commitment to Healing (4min)

    • What's next?

    • Your Life Action Plan

    • Program Feedback

Pricing & Inclusions

Your $599AUD enrolment fee gives you access to over 10 hours of evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine content including video streaming, downloadable meditation audio, downloadable handouts, interactive discussion boards, live Q&A sessions with our expert facilitators, intra-program support from our programs team, post-program support from our client services team and access to our private Facebook Cancer Support Community. As a special BONUS offer, all new Outsmart Cancer Online program participants will also receive 12 months FREE Foundation Membership which offers significant ongoing benefits. Already a current member? No worries. You will receive a 10% discount off the program enrolment fee. Please contact us on +61 3 5967 5400 or clientservices@gawler.org to receive your discount code. Note: If you are a concession card holder, or are experiencing financial hardship, our Client Services may be able to offer you individual support - contact us on +61 3 5967 5400 or clientservices@gawler.org.

September/October Special: $599AUD (normally $799). Choose to pay $599AUD upfront, or split the cost over 2 x monthly instalments of $299.50.

Additional support for people experiencing financial hardship

If you are a concession card holder or are experiencing financial hardship, our Client Services may be able to offer you additional price reductions. Please contact us by phone +61 3 5967 5400 (or freecall 1300 651 211 within Australia), or by clicking the Email Us button below.

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Meet our Instructors

Dr Craig Hassed, MBBS, FRACGP, is a General Practitioner and Associate Professor at Monash University, Dept of General Practice. Craig’s teaching, research and clinical interests involve mindfulness-based stress management, mind-body medicine, meditation, holistic healthcare, integrative medicine and medical ethics. Craig is a regular media commentator and author of New Frontiers in Medicine, Know Thyself, The ESSENCE of Health, Mindfulness for Life, Playing the Genetic Hand Life Dealt You, and co-author of General Practice: The Integrative Approach.

Dr Craig Hassed

Integrative Medical Professional

Meet our Instructors

Daniel Cerny, BHSc(Nat), AdvDip(Nut), is a clinical naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist. He is also an experienced restorative yoga teacher, and a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), acceptance commitment (ACT) and mindfulness-integration cognitive behavioural (MICBT) therapist. Daniel's diverse skill set, along with his commitment to an evidence-based approach, imparts a profound therapeutic formula for optimal health and wellbeing, which includes therapeutic nutrition, mindful living strategies and lifestyle counselling.

Daniel Cerny

Senior Therapist

Meet our Instructors

Stephanie Dierich, Bachelor of Naturopathy (BNat), is a university trained naturopath and nutritionist with a passion for whole food plant-based nutrition. She is also a qualified meditation and yoga teacher. She is passionate about lifestyle medicine and mind- body medicine as a path to wellness, particularly through food, meditation, yoga and emotional healing. Steph views her first visit to the Yarra Valley Living Centre as cancer retreat participant in 2015 as a profound blessing. Her time at the centre precipitated a dramatic shift in how she approached her illness and her life. She continues to apply the principles of healing she learnt, both on herself and with others.

Stephanie Dierich


What our participants have to say

“I believe the Outsmart Cancer program has illuminated a path forward out of a dark confusing medical situation and given me clarity on how I may overcome my cancer. I gained information and knowledge that will support me in looking after my body during the healing process. ”

Lewis Rowell

“After attending the cancer retreat program, I felt an internal shift and change in my attitudes. My wellbeing became a priority in my life. This, coupled with initially sticking to the diet and meditating 3 times a day, gave me a real sense of power and control over the cancer, which must have helped immensely.”

Ineke Kershaw

We're here to support you

Our client services team are available during business hours Monday to Friday to answer any questions you might have. Call us on +61 3 5967 5400 (freecall 1300 651 211 within Australia) or email us today!

Booking Terms & Conditions

  • Program Commitment

    The course requires you to complete and integrate over 10 hours of content within the allocated course timeframe (two months); and our framework has been set up to best support successful completion. The program content is spread out across 7 modules or sections, and recommend approximately four days for each section to allow ample time for you to layer and integrate the material as it is intended to be received. If you miss a day (here or there), the gap days also allow time to catch up. We ask that you consider the best time in your treatment plan to commit to this program.

  • What if I cannot complete the online program?

    Even with the best intentions, we understand that facing an illness such as cancer can present health and wellbeing challenges that create delays. If this happens during the course, don't wait until the end to bring it to our attention. Reach out to our programs team immediately to discuss the options available to you. You can reach us by phone +61 3 5967 5400 (1300 651 211 freecall within Australia), or email programs@gawler.org Monday to Friday. 

  • Cancellations

    Cancellation requests received before commencement of the Outsmart Cancer Online program, are eligible for a full refund or administrative transfer to a future Outsmart Cancer program (either online or face-to-face) at no charge. Where a cancellation has been processed, access to the Outsmart Cancer Online program will be deactivated. Please contact us at programs@gawler.org or call 1300 651 211 to arrange a cancellation.

  • Transfers

    Transfer requests received before commencement of the Outsmart Cancer Online program, will not incur any administrative transfer fee. Transfer requests received during program participation due to health or personal challenges, are eligible for the following: 1) ONE complimentary administrative transfer from your current Outsmart Cancer Online course enrolment to another Outsmart Cancer Online enrolment at a suitable time. 2) Subsequent administrative transfers will be charged at a rate of $110 per transfer. Please note this transfer may be waived at the discretion of The Gawler Cancer Foundation where extenuating circumstances apply. 3) If in consultation with our Programs Team is deemed that the Outsmart Cancer Online program is unsuitable, we will offer you a complimentary administrative transfer to a shared room in a face-to-face Outsmart Cancer Retreat program. A 30% discount will also be applied to the retreat cost and you will be required to pay the remaining fee. Please contact us programs@gawler.org or call 1300 651 211 to discuss your options.