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Supporting resources include:

  • downloadable meditation audio
  • downloadable worksheets/handouts
  • interactive discussion boards
  • intra-program support from our programs team
  • 01

    Pre-course Information.

    • Important Pre-Course Information

    • Welcome to the course.

  • 02

    MODULE 1 - Triggers & Reactions: What are they?

    • What are triggers and reactions?

  • 03

    Triggers & Reactions: How does it relate to you?

    • How do you get triggered?

    • Exercise: Recognising your triggers and reactions.

    • Worksheet download: recognising your triggers and reactions.

  • 04

    Triggers & Reactions: What are you going to do about it?

    • Recognising when you get triggered.

    • Why meditation is so important.

  • 05

    Triggers & Reactions: Going Deeper.

    • The origins of your reactive patterns.

    • Exercise: recognising where your reactive patterns came from

    • Worksheet download: recognising where your reactive patterns come from.

  • 06

    MODULE 2 - Emotions: What are they?

    • What are emotions?

    • How do you relate to emotions?

  • 07

    Emotions: How does it relate to you?

    • How do you experience different emotions?

    • Exercise: how do you experience different emotions?

    • Worksheet download: how do you experience your emotions?

    • Exercise: what emotion(s) are under your reactions?

    • Worksheet download: what emotion(s) are under your reactions?

  • 08

    Emotions: What are you doing to do about it?

    • Healthy ways of relating to emotions.

    • Working with strong emotions (the power of emotional release).

    • Daily meditation download: cultivating emotional balance

  • 09

    Emotions - Going Deeper.

    • Coping vs living (adaptive and maladaptive emotions).

  • 10

    MODULE 3 - Needs: What are they?

    • What are needs?

    • Handout: a list of common emotions and needs.

    • The needs that sit under emotions.

  • 11

    Needs: How does it relate to you?

    • Exercise: The unmet needs underneath your triggers and emotions.

    • Worksheet download: the unmet needs underneath your triggers & emotions

  • 12

    Needs: What are you going to do about it?

    • Learning to recognise your needs.

    • Daily meditation download: tuning in to needs.

  • 13

    Needs: Going Deeper.

    • Differentiating needs from core wounds.

  • 14

    MODULE 4 - Strategies: What are they?

    • Needs and strategies.

  • 15

    Strategies: What are you going to do about it?

    • Getting your needs met.

    • Exercise: Getting your needs met.

    • Worksheet download: strategies for meeting your needs.

    • Daily meditation download: tuning in to needs and strategies.

  • 16

    MODULE 5 - Needs Conversations: What are they?

    • Learning to have needs conversations - (creating a clearing).

    • Three golden rules for having skilful needs conversations.

  • 17

    Needs Conversions: How does it relate to you?

    • Worksheet download: skilful and unskilful communication

  • 18

    Needs Conversations: What are you going to do about it?

    • Worksheet download: have a needs conversation.

    • Exercise: creating a clearing – learning to have needs conversations

    • Loving-kindness and compassion meditations.

    • Daily meditation download: loving-kindness and compassion meditation.

  • 19

    Needs Conversations: Going Deeper.

    • Going deeper: the power of intention setting.

  • 20

    MODULE 6 - The Five Step Clearing Process

    • Introducing the five-step clearing process

    • The five-step clearing process.

    • Exercise: the five-step clearing process.

    • Handout: the five-step clearing process

  • 21

    What's Next?

    • Continuing your mindful connection journey.

    • Program Feedback

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Meet Richard & Elisa

Dr Richard Chambers is an award-winning clinical psychologist and internationally-recognised mindfulness expert. Richard provides performance coaching and leadership training to a growing number of businesses and educational institutions around the world. Richard is leading a university-wide mindfulness initiative at Monash University and is helping train over 5000 Victoria Police members in mindful leadership. A developer of the Smiling Mind app (with over 5 million downloads) and two award-winning online mindfulness courses (completed by 450,000 people around the world), he is a published author and regularly features in the mainstream media. More information is available at drrichardchambers.com

Dr Richard Chambers

Clinical Psychologist • Performance Coach • Author • Speaker

Meet Richard & Elisa

Elisa Caro originally trained as a Civil Engineer but quickly realised this wasn’t her calling. Spending all day in her mind left her disconnected from her body and yearning for something greater. She re-trained as a sex and intimacy coach and now helps clients around the world develop deeper connections with themselves and others, have more fulfilling relationships and better sex lives. She also works with universities and corporate conferences to support people in better communication, relationship dynamics, emotional detoxing, and activating full potential.

Elisa Caro

Sex and Relationship Coach

What our participants have to say

“I feel confident in how to work with my emotions and express my needs, it’s amazing!”

“It is amazing to have now a 5 –step process I can use when I get triggered.”

“I have a new understanding on how to deal with emotions and 'needs conversations'. I can’t wait to put into practice!”

Drawing on the latest research and neuroscience and blending mindfulness strategies, psychology techniques and intimacy practices, Richard and Elisa’s transformational process will give you:

  • greater self-awareness and accountability

  • a deeper understanding of psychological processes and relationship dynamics

  • effective, practical tools to maintain harmony and connection

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  • What if I cannot complete the online program?

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